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I just wanted to give a shout out to Superior Cleaning & Restoration Inc. for helping me out last week. So my pipes bursted in my house. Water was leaking everywhere and i had no idea what to do! So i got my phone and looked for a reputable company to call. they were the first ones i seen with excellent reviews.

I called and they came right away! they were fast and professional. After they were done, you couldnt even tell the difference! it was like nothing ever happened! i was blown away.

So i thought i’d give them a little shout out on my blog for doing such a great job. Thanks guys!

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I just wanted to write this quick post about my experience with my pool guy this past 4th of July.

My pool was a mess. I haven’t maintained it at all over the Winter and Spring. So you can imagine how bad it was coming into summer. It was so green that it looked BLACK!!

I had to bring in an expert. I hit up the internet to see if someone could come by and check it out. Everyone i called either didn’t answer or was close for the day. Until i can upon University Pools.

The owner Cortland was a great help. Took care of everything for me and had my pool ready for the 4th. i couldn’t have been any happier.

If you guys need any help, hit up my friend Cortland! The Best! Pool Service San Diego company.

As the days come closer in becoming a father, I still can’t believe it. I am going to have a son, my own seed, and my legacy. It is still truly unbelievable. It made me think of what to write about in today’s blog. Obviously this blog is about the nightlife as a single bachelor during my prime years, so I thought how I could relate that into this new experience I am having. Then I started thinking about all the great places I’ve been around San Diego and thinking that I get to take my son their too now! I was going to go into detail about the good times on my cousins party bus rental, but i don’t that would be somewhere i would take my son any time soon. haha

So here it is, the best things I liked to do here in San Diego that I now get to enjoy with my son.

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This is my take away on what are some of the Best Nightlife Spots in San Diego, of course my opinion is bias to what I like so you can be the judge. Here is another blog from another San Diegan with a different background so maybe some of you will relate to me and some of you will relate to her but anyways here you go!

Las Hadas- This is a bar in Downtown San Diego on 4th and Island. This is the perfect bar to get the night started. Happy hour stats at 10pm to 12am. $4 bottled beers, $5 patron shot for those who really want to let loose. This is the spot all my friends and I hit up before we go anywhere. Make sure you get there before 10 if you want to get a seat or else you’ll be left standing, which is fine as well if you are just stopping by for some beers and shots before you hit the next bar

Barleymash- This is another bar in Downtown San Diego. A lot bigger than Las hadas. A bit pricier as well. Very nice environment. Dance floor and DJ spinning top 40 music all night. They usually charge for cover. Most of the time women are free and men are $10 all night. Be sure to get there early to avoid waiting in long lines.

Onyx/Thin- This is a local club that has 2 different dance floors and vibes of your liking. They have different events for different nights. I know when I was going there they has Latin nights on Friday. That’s when all the sexy Latinas would go out and shake their tail feather. If you like to dance salsa I would recommend this spot on a Friday night.

Fluxx- This is one of the more popular clubs in downtown. Located close by Las Hadas on 4th and Island. This club is pricy and pretty hard to get in if you are waiting in line, be sure to get there early. This club usually plays EDM and top 40 all night. Bottle service available and huge dance floor. Always a great time at Fluxx.

These are a couple of my top bars and clubs to visit while partying downtown in San Diego. If you want more advice on other clubs, visit that other blog I attacked to this article. Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. Until next time.

Hello fellow party people. Welcome to my blog about the Nightlife here in San Diego, California. I was very lucky to be raised in one of the best cities in the United States and now i get to tell you all my experiences in my younger days. Seems just like yesterday i was out there living it up with you young folks. Here i am now an old 26-year-old father who hardly finds time to make it out now.

Yes that was a joke. I really am 26 and i am a expected father-to-be. My son will be here shortly and i am beyond excited to experience this new journey.

This blog allows me to express and look back at all the amazing times that happen in the club seen of this business. A lot of my friends are still involved so i still can direct you guys around town if you needed anything.

Well this was just my short intro about what to expect from this blog. If you want to learn more about me ready my about page.